Seeking a much-loved teddy bear to audition for a place in historical cot...

Can you visualise a bear in there? Detail of baby blankets donated by Lindy Clancy with her beloved cot.

Lindy Clancy has added  to the history of her recent donations to the Pye Cottage Museum, Yass Street, Gunning:  

'The birthing cot and  spinning wheel… were located at John and Eyvonne Clancy’s residence (originally Dr Barbour’s home) in Biala Street.

The cot... was very special to me and was certainly admired by all visitors to our home who sighted and marvelled at this wonderful piece of furniture – it certainly was a one of a kind.  It was extremely important to me to ensure that the cot remained in the township of Gunning… I was so delighted when Keith Brown made contact prior to the new owners taking up residence so that we could transfer this very “unique cot” to its rightful place...

The Spinning Wheel

I think a lot of local residents would have been safely placed in its care during their arrival into the world at “Allawah” in Biala Street. I personally spent over 3 months after my birth at the hospital, being a premature baby and not being allow home for some weeks. So it certainly holds a special spot in my heart, (but of course too young to remember), but my mother and father certainly did.

I do remember the cot was in a bad way and situated down in one of the old sheds alongside the chook pen at the back of [the house in] Biala Street. My mother and father did some work restoring it and returning it to the house, where I had my two much loved teddy bears ensconced'.

The Gunning & District Historical Society thanks Lindy for her generous donations. The cot and the spinning wheel are now on display at the Pye Cottage Museum.