Myra Vera Alchin – A Gunning Girl

Myra Vera Alchin – Sibling of Roy Irwin Alchin

by Garry Smith

Myra Vera Watson (nee Alchin) & Albert Victor Watson 1928

Myra Vera Alchin was the second child of Edward Alchin (1863-1941) and Elizabeth Anne Alchin (nee Bailey) (1872-1964); she was born at Gunning on 17 February 1895.
Myra was a member of the Methodist congregation of Gunning for all of her young life. In 1909 the 61st Anniversary of the Methodist Sunday-School was celebrated at the Gunning Methodist Church. Local children were to the fore during the celebrations; Myra joined young people from such families as Wheatley, Plumb, Crundwell and Alchin to present celebratory recitations and songs.  Myra recited “God’s Own”.
In 1910, while her mother Elizabeth Alchin was taking out second prize for her gooseberry jam at the Gunning P. A. and I. Society 14th Annual Show, young Myra won second prize for her rainbow cake; the Alchins were regular contributors to such events. The 1916 Gunning Methodist Church Flower Show was yet another example of that contribution.
Edward and Elizabeth Alchin moved most of their children to Glenorie, north west of Sydney, c1919 where the family settled on a citrus orchard. Myra Vera Alchin married rather late in life; at the age of 33 years she married Albert Victor Watson at the Methodist Church, Dural on 5 May 1928. Myra’s bridesmaid was her sister Alma Gertrude Alchin; 6-year old Hazel Doris Alchin, Myra’s niece, acted as flower girl.

Alma Gertrude Alchin, Bridesmaid to Myra

Albert Watson was a Newcastle lad; he was born at Cooks Hill, Newcastle. He served in World War 1 in France and Belgium, winning the Belgian Croix de Guerre for bravery. After returning to Australia he entered local government in 1922 as an alderman for New Lambton, Newcastle.

Albert Victor Watson, Sarah Watson, Kevin Albert Watson & Myra Vera Watson

Kevin Albert Watson (1929-2003), son of Albert & Myra

Myra’s connection with Glenorie lasted only 8 years. After living in Newcastle with Albert’s mother for some years, Albert, a railway worker, and Myra moved to Goulburn, where Albert worked as a controller on the railways between 1941 and 1961. During this time their son Kevin lived with them at their Bourke Street home until he married in 1955.
Myra Vera Watson died at Goulburn on 12 June 1984 aged 89 years. Albert Victor Watson died at Goulburn on 8 December 1961 aged 71 years. They are buried together at Goulburn General Cemetery. 

Myra's great nephew, Garry Smith at the grave of Myra & Albert, Goulburn General Cemetery

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